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Pest Control

CTM Pest crushes bugs!

We will meet your scheduling needs. We have pre-arranged, routine routes for our pest service customers, so you will be able to rely on upon us to arrive at regular intervals.


Besides the typical pests such as crickets, spiders and ants, we also offer intense treatments to manage hard to control pests like scorpions, bed bugs, bees, ticks, birds and rodents. Inspection, identification and control is the CTM Pest Control way to a successful Pest Management Program customized for you.

Experts in identifying and controlling infestations that damage homes, CTM technicians can also advise you on measures to prevent and protect against both indoor and outdoor pests now and in the future. Important advice because homeowners insurance does not protect you in the event of termite infestation and damage.


If you have a current pest problem, or just want to safeguard your home against potential pest infestations, call CTM Pest Control to schedule a FREE consultation.

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