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Post-Emergent Treatment

Post-emergent herbicides control weeds that have already sprouted and begun to grow. If you let them keep growing, they mature, make more seeds, and your weed problem will get worse.

We spray a liquid application directly on unwanted weeds to kill them. This material is absorbed through the leaf or skin of the plant and is drawn into the root to insure the death of the weed. The application can be used for dirt, and rock landscapes. Please understand that we must take extra care when using post-emergent's especially on windy days.


Nature has designed it so that only a portion of the seeds will germinate in any given year. This is to ensure them of their survival. Different species of weed seeds can stay dormant in the ground for many years. Plus, seeds are constantly being brought into your yard by the wind, animals and us. It's a never ending battle.

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