Many lenders require a

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report.

They need to determine whether or not there is evidence of active or previous infestations of wood destroying organisms in any home they finance.


If you are buying a home or property, you want to make sure you are not buying termites and/or termite damage along with your new home. The age of previous infestations cannot, however, be determined.

CTM Pest Control employees
CTM Pest Control finds those pesky termite mud tubes.
Termite mud tube found by CTM Pest Control
CTM Pest Control finds termite tube

The report that CTM Pest Control provides, will make statements concerning the relative susceptibility of the structure, to termite attack.


Included in this report are statements of items that might be involved such as the construction, which presents situations in which the wood is in contact with the ground, or areas with improper drainage.


The important thing for the buyer to keep in mind about Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports, is that they are not a guarantee of the absence of wood destroying organisms. Populations may be cryptic or inaccessible to the inspector.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports are a reflection of the conditions which exist on the day the inspection was made. New infestations may occur subsequently. CTM Pest Control Termite inspectors are certified to perform written reports, proposals and recommendations relative to the structure in regard to wood destroying organisms.


If you have a current problem, or just want to safeguard your home against potential infestations, call CTM Pest Control to schedule a FREE consultation.